Modular electric oven for bakery and pastry

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Modular electric oven for bakery and pastry
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The modular electric ovens for bakeries and pastry shops are available in models with 2/3/4/6 trays per chamber, stackable modules for up to a maximum of 5 and over 50 cooking combinations.

These bakery ovens and pastry shops, the result of the excellence of Made in Italy design, stand out for the integration of advanced features such as full-glass doors with tilt opening, independent digital control panels for each chamber, and cooking floors in stone. With particular attention to energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and construction quality, these modular ovens for pastry shops and bakeries are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals in the sector, guaranteeing optimal performance and superior cooking results.

The characteristics of the electric modular oven

  • As standard, upward-opening all-glass doors with perimeter seals.
  • Easy maintenance door opening balancing springs.
  • Digital control panel (one per room), LCD display and LED display, bi-temperature control with 2 independent temperatures (floor/floor), 30 storable programs.
  • Standard 20mm thick stone cooking plates.
  • Hook for stainless steel baking frames.
  • Cooking chamber entirely in reinforced stainless steel.
  • Facade and external cladding entirely in stainless steel.
  • Insulation in pre-compressed rock wool panels with thicknesses: lateral of over 100mm and between the rooms of 50mm.
  • Electrical maintenance for the rooms and cells on the right side with removable panel.
  • Partialized vapor exhaust valve , in stainless steel in the center of the rear wall, with rear manifold equipped with condensate drain.
  • 230V halogen lamps on the right wall of the chamber for narrow ovens, while for wide ovens (E4T and E6T) on the right and also on the left, easily replaceable from inside the chamber.
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