Long Loaf Moulder with 2-4 cylinders 500mm

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Number of Cylinders: 2 cylinders


Long Loaf Moulder with 2-4 cylinders 500mm

Combination: 2 cylinders

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Model Cylinders no Weight Power kW Cylinder width mm Dimensions mm Weight kg Voltage
2 cylinder moulder FOR2C 2 20 to 1000 gr. 0.75 550 L1180xP900xH1200 168 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T
4 cylinder moulder FOR4C 4 50 to 1500 gr. 0.75 550 L1180xP900xH1200 190 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

The 2 and 4 cylinder bread moulder was built for those looking for machines capable of delicately rolling the dough without tearing. The Made in Italy design makes this machine for bakeries extremely functional and ergonomic.

Why choose the 2-4 cylinder bread moulder

With a standard width of 550 mm, these machines are versatile and able to ensure maximum comfort. Their structure, completely made of stainless steel, together with all the moving parts, mounted on ball bearings, guarantee solidity and silence. They can easily wrap 30 g and 2 kg pieces of any type of pasta without tearing.

The standard equipment with which our moulders are supplied are: the entrance belt; accident prevention protection compliant with regulations; a format return device; two stainless steel banquets; a device that blocks the upper table cloth and 4 self-locking wheels.

The machine is completely built in stainless steel and can handle a weight from 50 grams to 1.5 kilograms. Let's not forget the possibility of adjusting the cylinders, the anti-waste function and the very sensitive upper belt. To complete the machinery, the double elastic anti-waste and the format return device.

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