Neapolitan pizza electric oven Zanolli Avgvsto

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Number of Pizzas: 6 Pizzas (⌀ 33cm)
Neapolitan pizza electric oven Zanolli Avgvsto

Combination: 6 Pizzas (⌀ 33cm)

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Model Avgusto 6E Avgusto 9E
External dimensions L162xP180xH216 cm L191xD212xH218 cm
Internal dimensions L104xD70xH12.5 cm L104xD105xH12.5 cm
Number of Pizzas 6 (ø 33 cm) 9 (ø 33 cm)
Weight 455kg 550kg
Maximum temperature 500°C 500°C
Electric power 14.4/7.2 kW 19.2/9.6 kW

The Zanolli Avgvsto Electric Oven for Neapolitan Pizza represents the ideal fusion between the aesthetics of tradition and the practicality of professional electric ovens, offering exceptional performance.

This professional oven for pizza reaches a maximum temperature of 500°C in just 90 minutes, thanks to a cooking chamber entirely lined with refractory ceramic, thus optimizing the Neapolitan pizza cooking experience.

The patented AIR TRAP SYSTEM® is a distinctive feature of the Zanolli Avgvsto Electric Oven, which creates an air barrier at the entrance of the oven, keeping the heat inside the cooking chamber.

This system not only improves thermal efficiency, with an energy saving of 30%, but also guarantees homogeneous cooking throughout the chamber.

Available in versions for 6 or 9 pizzas, the Zanolli Avgvsto Oven is the perfect choice for those looking for an oven that combines high efficiency, traditional design and advanced technology, ideal for pizzerias aiming for excellence in the B2B sector.

Why choose the Forno Zanolli Avgvsto

  • Maximum temperature of 500°C, reachable in 90 minutes.
  • Internal lighting with LED light.
  • Thermal insulation optimized for high temperatures.
  • Cooking chamber lined in refractory ceramic.
  • Insulating door at the end of cooking to maintain the heat.
  • Antique black granite countertop.
  • Armored resistors for greater durability.
  • Painted base, mounted on wheels or feet to facilitate movement.
  • Oven can be dismantled into 5 elements for easy installation.
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