Pizza dough sheeter Zanolli

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Roller type: Oblique Roller
Pizza diameter: ⌀ 30cm
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Pizza dough sheeter Zanolli

Combination: Oblique Roller / ⌀ 30cm / Nobody

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Model Dimensions (cm) Pizza diameter (cm) Pasta Weight (g) Weight kg) Power (kw)
ROLLER 30 O P42xL45xH65 2pm - 30pm 80 - 210 35 0.38
ROLLER 40 O P52xL45xH71 14 - 40 80 - 400 38 0.38
ROLLER 45 O P57xL55xH77 26 - 43 210 - 700 38 0.37
ROLLER 40 P P52xL45xH75 14 - 40 100 - 700 38 0.38
ROLLER 45 P P59xL55xH67 30 - 43 210 - 700 38 0.37

The Zanolli pizza roller offers various options to meet the needs of master pizza makers who wish to prepare traditional round pizza. The pizza drying rack models are distinguished by the diameter of the pizza (⌀ 30cm, ⌀ 40cm, ⌀ 43cm) and the type of roller used, which can be parallel or oblique. Additionally, an optional foot pedal can be added for greater operational convenience.

Pizza stretcher with oblique rollers

The pizza stretcher with oblique rollers is specially designed to obtain the classic rounded shape of the pizza. The mobile arm guides and rotates the dough in the direction of the second roller, ensuring uniform distribution.

Pizza stretcher with parallel rollers

The pizza stretcher with parallel rollers is ideal for obtaining both the traditional round shape of the pizza and a rectangular shape suitable for pan pizzas.

Characteristics of the Zanolli roller pizza dryer

  • Ease of use
  • Optimization of working times
  • Possibility to adjust the thickness of the dough
  • Quick cleaning
  • Work cold to ensure safety in use

In conclusion, the Zanolli roller pizza stretcher is an essential component of pizzeria equipment, offering a unique combination of precision and versatility for professionals in the sector.

The Zanolli pizza dough sheeter is designed to ensure accurate and efficient dough processing, allowing pizza chefs to easily shape both classic round pizzas and rectangular variations suitable for baking trays.

With options such as oblique or parallel rollers, it allows for further customization of the spreading process. Its robust construction and advanced control features ensure reliable performance, while the cold working capability ensures a safe environment at every stage of the job.

This tool, essential for the dynamic kitchens of pizzerias, represents a strategic investment to optimize production while maintaining high quality standards.

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