Reversible fixed bowl spiral mixer with 2 motors 2 speeds

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Dough capacity: 120Kg
Reversible fixed bowl spiral mixer with 2 motors 2 speeds

Combination: 120Kg

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Model 120Kg 160Kg 200Kg 250Kg
Mixing capacity min/max Kg 8/120 10/160 10/200 12/250
Maximum flour capacity Kg 75 100 125 150
Tank volume Lt 188 266 306 378
Spiral motor power Kw 2.06/5.2 5.9/10.3 5.5/10.3 6/12
Bowl motor power Kw 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1
Hydraulic control unit engine power Kw 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Bench dimensions mm L1840xP1510xH1760 L1950xP1650xH1800 L1950xP1650xH1815 L1840xP1510xH1760
Maximum bench height mm 2500 2680 2700 2780
Table dimensions mm L1840xP1730xH1760 L1950xP1730xH1800 L1950xP1730xH1820 L1980xP1730xH1870
Maximum table height mm 3050 3200 3240 3310
Bench Weight Kg 1045 1235 1245 1300
Table Weight Kg 1175 1365 1375 1425

Increase your production with spiral mixers with fixed reversible bowl. These versatile baking machines are available in different models with customizable dough capacities: 120 kg, 160 kg, 200 kg and 250 kg. Designed to meet the most demanding needs of the sector, these professional mixers are composed of a fixed bowl and a hydraulic lift.

Each unit is equipped with two motors in the mixer and one motor in the lifter, ensuring reliable performance. With these advanced features, you can achieve flawless mixing results and meet your production needs efficiently.

Characteristics of the reversible fixed bowl spiral mixer

  • Two speeds on the spiral.
  • Possibility of reversing the bowl in first speed.
  • Dough extraction facilitated by the "pulse bowl rotation" button.
  • Control panel with two electromechanical timers.
  • Mobile shockproof bath guard in transparent PMMA.
  • Discharge on one side only, choice between right or left.
  • Two unloading heights available: on bench positioned at 1400 mm or on hopper positioned at 1900 mm.
  • LYNX self-tipping spiral mixer designed for doughs with hydration above 55% with European flour.
  • Lines suitable for artisanal use (3 cycles per hour, 10-12 hours a day).
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