Zanolli electric convection oven mod. Ànemos

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Number of trays: 6 (40 x 60)
Control Panel: Mechanical
Discover the Bakeit mini rotor oven : easy cleaning, 30 programs, steamer, double ventilation. Ideal for every bakery!


Zanolli electric convection oven mod. Ànemos

Combination: 6 (40 x 60) / Mechanical

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Model TA 10 E/MC TA 6 E/MC TOUCH
External dimensions cm W97xD92xH121 W97xD92xH88
Weight kg 141 114
I pass baking trays 8 8
Number of trays 10 of 40x60 6 of 40x60
Max temperature °C 260 260
Power Kw 15.7 - 7 10.5 - 5
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3ph 380V/50Hz/3ph

The Zanolli Ànemos convection oven , due to its great versatility and extremely small dimensions, satisfies all the needs of high-end pastry and bread-making laboratories.

Ideal for small and medium productions, this commercial bakery oven lends itself to cooking any type of product from cream puffs to sponge cake, croissants, tarts, macarons, small or medium-sized bread and multiple expressions of international gastronomy.

Why choose the Zanolli Ànemos convection oven

Cooking occurs through a flow of heated air sent into the chamber by means of a fan or two fans. The homogeneity of the air flow, thanks also to the automatic fan rotation inverter, allows for constant heat distribution, giving the product regular cooking at every point.

Convection allows you to reduce cooking times and lower the cooking temperature, with consequent energy savings.

The washing function you choose will guarantee you an oven that is always impeccable and ready to get to work. Standard for normal daily cleaning, Complete to eliminate residues from even the most demanding cooking.

Among the convection ovens offered by Bakeit, the possibility of choosing an electric touch or mechanical oven and the choice of the number of 40x60 cm trays: 6 or 10.

Features of the Zanolli convection oven

  • Cooking chamber with door equipped with double tempered glass.
  • Possibility of opening the external glass for complete cleaning.
  • Standard vaporizer.
  • Core probe (only for Touch ovens): allows you to establish and control the temperature reached by the product at its deepest point. Once the set temperature is reached, cooking will end automatically.

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