High hydration fixed bowl spiral mixer with 1 motor 2 speeds

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Dough capacity: From 2 to 40Kg


High hydration fixed bowl spiral mixer with 1 motor 2 speeds

Combination: From 2 to 40Kg

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Model 40Kg 60Kg
Mixing capacity min/max Kg 4/40 6/60
Flour capacity Kg 25 36
Tank volume Lt. 60 80
Spiral revolutions 1st speed Rpm 109 109
2nd speed spiral revolutions Rpm 217 217
1st speed motor bowl revolutions Rpm 7 7
2nd speed motor bowl revolutions Rpm 13.5 13.5
Engine power Kw 1.5/3 1.5/3
Height mm 1235 1295
Length mm 1025 1075
Width mm 545 580
Weight kg 235 245
Voltage 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T 380 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph+T

The spiral mixer with fixed bowl equipped with 1 motor and 2 speeds for highly hydrated dough represents the ideal choice for those looking for efficiency, quality and versatility in the bakery, pastry and pizzeria sector.

This pizzeria machinery, made in Italy, offers a robust and reliable solution that adapts perfectly to professional needs. Bakeit offers two different models of spiral mixers with fixed bowl:

  • one with dough capacity from 2 to 40 kg
  • and another with capacity from 4 to 60 kg,
two different commercial mixers to best satisfy your specific dough needs.

This spiral mixer with fixed bowl for highly hydrated dough is equipped with a single motor, which controls both the bowl and the spiral, guaranteeing a homogeneous and high-quality kneading process.

Transmission is via V-belts, making the operation remarkably quiet, a significant advantage in working environments where noise can be a nuisance.

The control panel of the mixer, equipped with a double electromechanical timer, allows you to select between manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes , offering unparalleled flexibility. Furthermore, thanks to its sturdy body, this mixer is particularly suitable for well-hydrated dough, common in pizzerias and small artisan bakeries.

Features of the spiral mixer with fixed bowl 1 motor 2 speeds:

  • Optimal durability and resistance thanks to the sturdy painted stainless steel body.
  • Single motor for bowl and spiral.
  • Double speed.
  • Reduced operating noise: silent drive via V-belts.
  • Control panel with double electromechanical timer for customizable working modes.
  • Mobile bathtub guard for greater safety and hygiene.
  • Excellent mixing result and extremely limited rise by temperature.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Ideal for doughs with hydration above 55% with European flour.
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