High hydration fixed bowl spiral mixer with 2 motors 2 speeds

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Dough capacity: From 2 to 40Kg


High hydration fixed bowl spiral mixer with 2 motors 2 speeds

Combination: From 2 to 40Kg

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Model 40Kg 60Kg
Mixing capacity min/max Kg 2/40 4/60
Flour capacity Kg 25 36
Tank volume Lt. 60 80
Spiral motor power Kw 1.5/3 1.5/3
Bowl motor power Kw 0.55 0.55
Dimensions mm L545xP1025xH1345 L580xP1075xH1345
Voltage 400V/50Hz - 3ph 400V/50Hz - 3ph
Weight kg 265 265

The Spiral Mixer with Fixed Bowl is the heart of your professional production. Equipped with two powerful two-speed motors for highly hydrated dough , this machine represents the ideal solution for bread-making, pastry making and pizzerias. Designed and made in Italy, this professional mixer guarantees unparalleled reliability and versatility.

Bakeit offers two models of spiral mixers with fixed bowl : one with a dough capacity ranging from 2 to 40 kg and a second model with a capacity from 4 to 60 kg. This range is designed to perfectly suit your particular dough needs.

Features of the spiral mixer with fixed bowl, a 2-speed double motors for high hydration

  • Two independent motors for the bowl and the spiral guarantee a homogeneous and powerful dough.
  • Two speeds: The ability to adjust the speed allows for unparalleled flexibility for a wide range of doughs.
  • The durable steel construction ensures durability and reliability.
  • Thanks to the V-belts, the operation takes place silently, ideal for noise-sensitive work environments.
  • The control panel is equipped with a double electromechanical timer for complete customization of the working modes.
  • Get high quality doughs with an extremely limited increase in temperature during the process.
  • It requires virtually no maintenance, reducing costs and time spent on maintenance.
  • Suitable for different needs: Ideal for artisanal use with one shift per day and perfect for doughs with hydration above 55% using European flour.

In the technical context of pizzeria equipment , the Spiral Mixer with Fixed Bowl represents a significant evolution for the management of highly hydrated dough. Featuring two independent motors and bi-modal speed adjustments , this engineered solution offers precision and consistency in dough processing. Conceived to optimize operations and minimize the need for maintenance interventions , it emerges as an essential element in the refinement of pizzeria production processes, ensuring excellence in the quality of the dough with less need for maintenance.

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