Commercial vertical electric ice cream churner

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Hourly production: 20Kg
Commercial vertical electric ice cream churner

Combination: 20Kg

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Model G20 Kg G30 Kg G60 Kg
Diet Three-phase Three-phase Three-phase
Condensation Air Water/Air Water/Air
Hourly production (Kg) 20 30 60
Typology From floor From floor From floor
Charge per cycle (Kg) 4.5 6.5 11
Voltage 400V/50Hz/3+N 400V/50Hz/3+N 400V/50Hz/3+N
Electrical power (kW) 2.6 3,4 4.4
Width (cm) 40.5 40.5 53
Height (cm) 108 108 118
Depth (cm) 79 79 85
Net weight (kg) 130 138 208

The G20 , G30 and G60 vertical batch freezers have been specially designed to produce quality ice cream with extreme simplicity according to the capacity of the most commonly used standard trays. Very reliable, they are also characterized by ease of maintenance. These professional ice cream machines are ideal both for expert operators, who will be able to appreciate the quality of the products in terms of consistency and structure, and for those who are approaching the world of artisanal ice cream for the first time and will benefit from the extreme simplicity of operation.

Our batch freezers are reliable and easy-to-use tools for producing high-quality ice cream. With their electromechanical control , large capacity vertical freezing cylinder and effective cooling system, you get perfect results. The stainless steel stirrer and transparent lid simplify the process, while the practical design and easy cleaning make these batch freezers an ideal choice for your ice cream shop. The removable door with built-in safety grill allows for practical and complete cleaning; while its design allows the operator to present the ice cream in the tray according to the most modern decorations.

Characteristics of vertical electronic ice cream batch freezers

  • Electromechanical control
  • Vertical freezing cylinder
  • Freezing cycle with time selection.
  • End of cycle acoustic signal.
  • 2 freezing speeds.
  • 2 extraction speeds.
  • Cooling system of the freezing cylinder both on the walls and on the bottom of the tank.
  • Removable stainless steel stirrer.
  • Mobile scraping pads in plastic material that work both on the walls and on the bottom of the cylinder.
  • Removable door with built-in safety grille.
  • Large extraction hole for quick product release.
  • Transparent lid that allows you to check the product during freezing.
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