Aluminised Non-Stick Baking Tray for Buns and Pizza 40x60cm

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Diameter and Number of Shapes: ⌀ 16/15cm 6 Shapes
Coating: Nobody
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Aluminised Non-Stick Baking Tray for Buns and Pizza 40x60cm

Combination: ⌀ 16/15cm 6 Shapes / Nobody

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Number Shapes Top Diameter (mm) Bottom Diameter (mm) Depth (mm)
54 45 35 15/20
35 65 50 15/20
24 80 65 15/20
20 90 65 15/20
15 100 80 15/20
12 120 105 15/20
8 130/140 115/125 15/20
6 150/160 135/145 15/20

In our exclusive selection of 40x60cm aluminised and non-stick baking trays , carefully designed to meet the needs of baking professionals, you will discover the versatility of these baking trays.

Ideal for making hamburger bread and round pizzas, we offer multiple diameter options and the choice of Teflon or non-Teflon coating, so you can customize your pans for flawless results in every situation.

Our made in Italy artisan quality guarantees exceptional and long-lasting performance in your daily work.


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