Turning rack trolley for panettone and colomba with pegs for deck oven

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Turning rack trolley for panettone and colomba with pegs for deck oven
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The panettone and colomba rotating trolley for deck ovens is an excellent example of innovation and professionalism in the pastry sector, perfectly in line with the Made in Italy tradition. Specifically designed to efficiently manage leavened products such as panettone and colombe, this trolley combines functional design and practicality, adapting to the needs of artisan and industrial laboratories.

Characteristics of the panettone turning trolley and rung doves for deck ovens

  • Versatility: Adjustable hooking needle bar to adapt to various formats and weights of leavened products.
  • Removable Design: Easy to disassemble and store, ideal for optimizing space after seasonal production.
  • Single Operation: Allows use by a single person, drastically reducing operation times.
  • Sugar collection tray (on request): For recovering the sugar dropped when turning the products upside down, ensuring cleanliness and reducing waste.
  • Ease of Movement: Possibility of moving the trolley closer to the oven, improving the efficiency of movements within the laboratory.

How big and how many shelves does our Girapanettone/colombe trolley have?

The turning rack trolley for panettone and colombe has a total size of L207xD76xH194 cm and 5 shelves.

How many panettons/colombas can I fit on each shelf of the turning rack trolley?

The number of panettone/colomba per tier depends on the diameter of the mold used. The shelf has a useful length of 188 cm and a depth of 40cm.

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