Panettoni and colombe trolley for rotor oven in stainless steel

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Panettoni and colombe trolley for rotor oven in stainless steel
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The Panettone and Colomba trolley for rotor oven in stainless steel represents a revolution in the world of pastry making, in particular for the cooking and processing of large leavened products. This tool, the result of Made in Italy engineering and design, significantly simplifies cooking, flipping and cooling operations, making the process more efficient and less wasteful in terms of time and work. Thanks to our patented system, the operator can perform cooking and tipping operations with extreme ease, maintaining the integrity of the product and reducing labor costs.

The trolley rotates and cooks panettone and colomba and is complete with special pans for panettone/colomba and steel pins, ensuring quality and durability. To proceed with the order, it is necessary to specify: brand and model of the Rotor oven, dimensions of the trays, diameter of the baking cup, height of the product after cooking, total height of the trolley excluding the hook, and type of hooking.


Standard models of Panettone and Colomba turning trolleys for stainless steel rotor ovens

  • 40x60 6-place trays - 60 side tray entry
  • 50x70 6/7 place trays - 70 side tray entry
  • 60x80 7/8 place trays - 80 side tray entry
  • 80x80 trays 7/8/9 places - Tray entry side 80

Why is the stainless steel rotor trolley suitable for Panettone and Colomba?

  • Quick and Safe Tipping: Turns the entire trolley upside down in less than 3 seconds, optimizing the crucial processing phase.
  • Efficiency in the Processing Phases: It significantly reduces production and labor times, thanks to the possibility of being managed by a single operator.
  • Contact-Free Bottom: Allows uniform evaporation of heat, essential for the quality of the finished product.
  • Ideal Stapling Position: The system guides the blades for easy stapling, without having to hold the baking cup or the leavened product.
  • Complete Customization: Adaptable to every Rotor oven model with choice of cup size and number of trays.

Is the ROTOR Panettone turning trolley compatible with all ovens of different brands?

Our trolley is totally customizable and thanks to an archive built over the years, we can build it for all the different brands on the market.

What data do you need to get a quote for the panetttoni/colombe trolley for rotor oven?

  • Brand and model of the ROTOR oven you own.
  • Baking pan sizes used in your standard cart.
  • Diameter of the baking cup to calculate the number of panettone per pan.
  • Height of the product after cooking (to calculate the tray-tray interspace and the number of levels).
  • The total height. of the trolley excluding the hook.
  • Specify whether you are using a ROTOR oven with upper or lower attachment (carousel).
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