Stainless steel tray rack trolley

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Measure baking tray: 40x60cm
Number of trays: 15 trays
Material Cart: 430 stainless steel


Stainless steel tray rack trolley

Combination: 40x60cm / 15 trays / 430 stainless steel

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Tipo carrello Altezza tot. cm Dim. Esterne cm Numero di teglie Interasse teglia teglia
40X60 15 T. 174 46x62 15 10.5
40X60 18 T. 174 46x62 18 8.6
50X70 15 T. 176,5 56x72 15 10.5
50X70 18 T. 176,5 56x72 18 8.6
60X80 15 T. 176,5 66x82 15 10.5
60X80 18 T. 176,5 66x82 18 8.6
80X80 15 T. 176,5 86x82 15 10.5
80X80 18 T. 176,5 86x82 18 8.6
80X100 15 T. 176,5 86x102 15 10.5
80X100 18 T. 176,5 86x102 18 8.6

The stainless steel tray trolley is an example of Italian excellence in the field of professional kitchen equipment. Offered in two material variants, AISI 304 and AISI 430 stainless steel, this trolley combines durability and functionality to meet the needs of professionals. Designed not just as a simple tool, but as a real ally in the daily management of professional kitchens, it combines quality, innovation of Italian design and specific functionality for the sector.

Why choose our stainless steel tray trolley?

  • Quality Materials: Available in AISI 304 and AISI 430 stainless steel, offering strength and durability.
  • Versatile Capacity: Variable capacity capable of accommodating 15 or 18 trays depending on the model.
  • Anti-tipping Structure: Made with 25x25 square tube and stability reinforcements to maximize safety.
  • Corner guides with tray stop: 40 mm wide, they guarantee perfect sealing of the trays, even in intense working conditions.
  • White Nylon Wheels: Provide excellent maneuverability and agile, safe movement within the working environment.
  • Practical Assembly: Interlocking mounting system with bolt fixing for simple assembly, shipped disassembled for logistical efficiency.
  • Size of trays it supports: Wide range of sizes to choose from: 40x60 cm, 50x70 cm, 60x80 cm, 80x80 cm, 80x100 cm.
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