Perforated Aluminum Trays with Wavy Crossbar (SERP)

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Measure baking tray: 40x60cm
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Perforated Aluminum Trays with Wavy Crossbar (SERP)

Combination: 40x60cm / Nothing

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Our perforated aluminum tray with wavy crossbar, available in variants with or without Teflon coating, are an excellent choice for professionals in the baking and pastry sector. These products are manufactured with extreme precision and use advanced technologies to ensure maximum quality and convenience in the working environment.

Characteristics of the corrugated perforated tray with lower crossbar

These baking trays feature a high-quality finish and are constructed with a perforated sheet metal that offers reliable performance. Drilling with a diameter of 2 mm and a pitch of 3.5 mm is ideal for obtaining optimal results when preparing baked goods.

A distinctive feature of these baking trays is their structure, with the sheet metal securely fixed to a special aluminum frame based on our exclusive design. This unique design guarantees the resistance and durability of the trays over time.

Furthermore, the corrugated trays with crossbar have a specific version for the preparation of baguettes, with a 10/10 thick sheet metal which guarantees the perfect cooking of these products. The corner castings are securely fixed into the profile with an interlocking system and locked by punching, ensuring a solid structure.

You can customize your order by specifying the number of channels and whether you prefer the short or long side of the pan. Furthermore, we are able to create customized trays to best meet your needs. Remember that the minimum order for these pans is 10 pieces.

Choose Bakeit's Made in Italy artisanal quality for your corrugated baking trays and enjoy exceptional and long-lasting performance in your daily work.

List of main features :

  • Made of perforated aluminium
  • 2 mm drilling with 3.5 mm pitch
  • Sheet metal fixed on a special aluminum frame
  • Corrugated version for baguettes, sheet thickness 10/10
  • Angular fusions fixed in the profile with an interlocking system


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