Flat solid aluminum tray

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Measure baking tray: 40x60cm
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Flat solid aluminum tray

Combination: 40x60cm / Nobody

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The flat tray in solid aluminum is the result of a high-quality production process, perfectly suitable for use in bakeries and pastry shops. It offers technical solutions that make work easier and more practical. The construction of these baking trays includes high quality finishes, with materials drilled, cut, bent and welded by professionals with specialized equipment. The design minimizes corners, edges and creases to avoid risks, impacts and food deposits, ensuring easy cleaning and sterilization of food contact surfaces.

Characteristics of solid aluminum flat trays

These commercial baking trays are made with Peralluman aluminium , characterized by a thickness of 15/10, which guarantees solidity and resistance over time. We have a wide selection of solid aluminum flat pans, also available with non-stick silicone or Teflon Dupont coatings, which give them incredible versatility. Another advantage is that they can easily be used in the freezer or proofer without any worries.

List of main features

  • Tray measurements: 40x60cm - 50x70cm - 60x80cm - 80x80cm - 80x100cm
  • Fold edge height 2cm
  • Thickness 15/10
  • Non-stick silicone or Teflon Dupont coatings
  • Can be used in the freezer or in a leavening room


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