Perforated baking aluminum tray

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Measure baking tray: 40x60cm
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Perforated baking aluminum tray

Combination: 40x60cm / Nobody

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The flat perforated aluminum tray, available in Paralluman aluminum or coated with first choice green Teflon Doupon, is built according to a process that allows us to obtain a high quality product suitable for use in bakeries and pastry shops.

Through the use of tech solutions, this commercial baking tray is able to guarantee convenience and practicality, optimizing the work phases. The perforated material is cut, folded and welded with specialized equipment and competent professionalism, thus offering high-quality finishes. Corners, edges and folds are kept to a minimum to avoid risks, impacts and encrustations, thus facilitating cleaning and sterilization of the pan.

Characteristics of the professional flat perforated aluminum trays

  • Trays made of perforated Peralluman aluminum thickness 15/10
  • First choice green Teflon Doupon
  • Hole diameter 2 mm/pitch 3 mm

On request it will be available to use other types of drilling for your flat aluminum trays and customize the measurements according to your needs .


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