A perfectly mirrored ganache, impeccable decorations, thin chocolate sheets and even pralines and chocolates. To make your customers rejoice and fill the windows of your pastry shop, you must equip yourself with the indispensable chocolate manufacturing machines. 

Bakeit is your partner for the choice of excelent machinery with which you can treat chocolate and take care of the details of every preparation. 

Chocolate making equipment, the much-needed 

  1. Chocolate tempering machine used to melt and temper chocolate so that it acquires the right consistency and brilliance. 
  2. Chocolate molds, equipment in which melted chocolate is poured and molded to create different shapes.
  3. Mixer planetary, chocolate processing machine used to mix all ingredients such as: cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla.
  4. Shell chocolate machinery, used to refine chocolate to make it smoother and have a better flavor.
  5. Chocolate pumps, a useful tool to transfer melted chocolate from one container to another.
  6. Chocolate cutters, professional pastry equipment used to cut chocolate into smaller pieces or to create chocolates and pralines.
  7. The chocolate fountain, ideal when processing requires to melt and temper chocolate directly in the sales area. 
  8. Chocolate sprayer, used to decorate cakes with a layer of chocolate spray.
  9. Refrigerated cabinet for chocolate, chocolate storage machines suitable to keep the finished product for long periods without spoiling its structure. 


These are the must-haves you should have in your laboratory to get excellent preparations to display in your chocolate shop windows. Depending on the type of chocolate you want to make or the quantity, you may need other types of machinery. 

The equipment for chocolate allows you to obtain the right balance of texture, flavor and shine of the finished product and at the same time to complete the work efficiently and accurately.