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Represents the next evolutionary step of a highly successful design which over the years has become the standard in its category: an elegant and high impact design, the latest technology, high quality materials, ideal for small bakeries or installations where the oven is visible to customers.

Designed for continuous baking cycles with an average consumption lower than 2kW/m².
High efficiency made of anti-corrosion materials.
Tempered glass doors opening “automatically” when pushed by the loading setter, the loader or the integrated loader or “manually” by means of new insulated door handles.
The single door ovens equipped with “F” shape lateral handles.
Stainless steel (AISI 304 Ø 8,5) armoured electric heating elements with front access and reinforced near the doors to grant an excellent baking: all maintenance operations can be carried out from the front of the oven or above the oven.
High thermal efficiency thick cement agglomerate baking soles.
Excellent thermal insulation with constant density rockwool panels.
Independent manual dampers and hood equipped with extractor.
Hermetic independent baking chambers whose panels allow to select individual temperature and/or different power percentage settings for each deck, permitting to bake different products at the same time, or the heating of some decks only instead of the whole oven.
All models equipped with higher upper deck (240mm) ideal to bake special products.
Electromechanical control panel.

Available in 36 models with a 3/4/5 Plans 1/2/3/4 deck.


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