Commercial bakery equipment: for the production of excellent bakery products

In order to improve production time and make each of the steps that lead to baking bread and other tasty and fragrant bakeries in your laboratory efficient, some baking equipment is indispensable. 

Our team of experts, in the commercial bakery equipment sector for 50 years, is your interlocutor to choose the type of bakery equipment best suited to your laboratory. Depending on the amount of bread and other baked goods prepared daily, the spaces and the peculiarities of production, we provide you with targeted advice. The same professionalism is also guaranteed in the consultation for pizza equipment and pastry equipment.

By choosing Bakeit as your partner, you are guaranteed to prepare perfectly baked products every day because, depending on what your recipes are, we have industrial bakery equipment to suit all your needs. 


Professional bakery equipment: what to have in your laboratory

If you want to impress your customers with new dough, crispy bakery that maintain their organoleptic properties, you must have the appropriate bakery equipment. Here are the four essentials.

  1. Planetary mixer to enjoy a uniform dough, also the one made with mother yeast.
  2. Crusher to create dough of the right weight and size depending on what you have to bake.  
  3. Moulding machine, used after the first leavening, for shaping the leavened dough to finally create the finished bread.
  4. Professional oven for bread is among the machinery for bakeries that mainly affects the success of the bakery because temperature and heat uniformity are related to the best product success.


Many bakers consider the tube deck oven, gas or diesel powered, the basic bakery equipment. For others, the static cooking is sufficient to obtain a quality product, so the choice is directed towards electric oven fixed soles or electric modular furnaces (that is, those that do not require flues). The rotary oven, finally, is the specific bakery equipment when we are dealing with a production of large volumes. Whatever your need and the organization of your bakery is, we have the ideal equipment for you


In fact, in addition to the must have, in terms of high-level bakery, there are commercial bakery equipment that streamline and speed up production.

  1. The conical roll forming machine, suitable for rolling soft dough and to obtain round bread of different sizes such as Apulian bread, Tuscan etc.
  2. The automatic roller moulder, useful for cylindrical/ refining the dough and to prepare the dough with which to feed automatic groups of wrapped bread.
  3. The bread grinder and crumb grinder, functional for the production of breadcrumbs.
  4. The bread slicer is useful for the continuous and precise cutting of all types of "loaves" in slices of bread, after cooking.


Professional baking supplies that comply with food regulations

Bakeit, also provides you with commercial bakery equipment that comply with all current regulations on food, hygiene and cleaning. What you daily put in front of your customers on your counter is safe thanks to the most appropriate baking process obtained in your laboratory by choosing Bakeit bakery equipment.